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Tina Drea
She is one of my few missing ocs 
She was working with Dr.Mars in Egypt when she disappered not much is known about her only that is 24 years old her mom and dad are Brian and Megan 
She was born in Canada , she has one brother Luke who also disappeared when he was 25 and she was 20. Tina is a mortal and she had a boyfriend who nobody knows.
Before she disappeared , she was seen takng to herself , she stayed away from her friend and she freeked out when Dr.Mars told her that her brother may still be alive.
Tina was last seen in Canada , this iss the last photo of her and she is crying in this photo. The only thing she said to Dr.Mars when they came to Canda is "He is coming for me" and Dr.Mars asked her who and she just said The man that I love. And Dr.Mars never saw her again. He went to her boyfriend's house but it turns out that no one was there it was an empty house and her boyfriend never existed.Dr.Mars went to Tina's parents home and they were gone too. Dr.Mars went to Tina's house and when he went their all of her stuff was gone but there was only one thing and that was a photo of her and her brother and there was a black circle , circleing her brother's face and there was a writng in the wall and it read
Tina Drea is from Dimesion A all of her doppelganers from other dimesions are dead , she is the only one who is alive.
Tina Drea
Born in Canda in July 7 1992 
William and Anna Roberts
Two are two siblings 
William is a new turned high class vampire , he was dying and his best friend turned him into the undead but high class , so it is ok!:D (Big Grin) 
William went then bite a jogger and after that day he had this undesireable thirst for blood , he is learning to control his powers not his thirst thoughSweating a little... 
but he just drinks to blood of animals and not humans 
His sister Anna is 11 months old , she is an immortal human , she is very sweet baby but she is sock , her bones in her body are weak therefore she can't walk , yet:( (Sad) 
But William takes good care of herLove 
Their parents killed themselves when Anna was two onths because they lost their jobs.
After Thier parents death , William enrolled in a Ninja school
Willam is 14 years old 
born in June 2 1990 
Anna was born in 2004
They are from Dimesion A 
There doppelgängers in other dimensions have the same life as they do. :) (Smile) 
Sofia Del La Vega
She is one of my ocs that is dead 
She appears in Dimesion F , all of her doppelgängers from other dimesions are dead as well
She appears in the story arc for Joey Helen , he is my anti-hero cop ,
Sofia was born in Spain in 1994 , she came to United Native America when she was 5, Sofia start working as a belly dancer for Mr.Q but she found out that Mr.Q was up to no good but his henchmen kidnapped her and by Mr.Q's orders , she was brutally murdered. She was Joey's first case and he as been trying to arrest Mr.Q.She was atcually Mr.Q's lover and gave birth to a son. Mr.Q does not know about his son because she hid him two days before she as killed and Joey found out about the baby and he decied to fid him , the baby boy was hidden in a cave and he was close to death when Joey found him and he adopted the baby boy as his son. Now it has been five years and he is the archnemises of Mr.Q and will do anything to bring him to justice all in time to pick up his son at 3:30! :D (Big Grin) 
Well starting on a mini manga going to post soon after I finish colouring it scream jerry mouse scream intensifies icon Toads Screaming Icon Undertale - Full of Angry Chara Screams Lovely Shoujo (Aaaaah Nooo) [V3] Korra Epic Freakout Scream Plz FriskLA 
Hey dudes , sorry if I disappeared again Really Sad  But school started so I have been very busy :sad:  and I got sick again...Really Sad :sigh: YOU ATTACK AUSTRIA, YOU DIE. Freddy Facepalm Chat Icon onion head 'sigh' , yea...I am still sickFrustration Sigh  well I will try me best to be in deviant art , every single day like before, so please wish me luck moonflower Ene (Smile) [V7] 


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I am a girl
I am mixed with Japanese
I speak Spainsh, English, and Japanese! Learning Swedish and Italian!
I love Japanese Street Fashion
I love Visual kei fashion
I am a rocker! but I am nice!
My mother is, StrongWoman101! I LOVE HER SO MUCH
and I am Hetroromatic Asexual!


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